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4 Freedoms to Maintain Focus

September marks the closing of the active and lively Summer and 3rd quarter of the year and welcomes the beginning of a new season — Fall. Soon thereafter, we will usher in Winter and the …
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Elephants Don’t Bite

When was the last time you heard of someone getting bitten by an elephant? As I reflect on this question, I am reminded of my former clients Mike and Larry who owned two different shops in 2010. At …
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9 Step Blueprint to Success

Everyone loves to have a blueprint for success in their hands for business and personal goals. I know I do. The blueprint serves as our roadmap to accomplishing our targets and objectives. It is best …
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Always Be Prepared!

We’ve all heard this phrase ever since we were kids. In its simplest form, the understood takeaway was if you plan for unseen circumstances, it won’t catch you off guard, and therefore won’t be an …
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