Coaching Support

ATI is the largest employer of experienced, certified coaches for auto repair and collision shop owners.

Our coaches have spent a remarkable 17,231+ hours on individual coaching support calls in the last year alone. This time does not include enrichment hours towards facilitating 20 Group discussions, providing onsite and virtual training, and face-to-face interactions with members.

ATI’s coaches are full-time employees, have 265+ years of combined coaching experience and are certified by the Center for Executive Coaching. They serve over 1600 members across the nation – many of which represent the top shops in the United States and Canada.

  • certified full-time coaches

  • combined years of coaching experience

  • annual coaching hours on the phone

Meet the Coaches

Kevin Allen, ATI Performance Coach
Mike Bennett, ATI Performance Coach
Geoff Berman, ATI Performance Coach
Kevin Chzaszcz, ATI Performance Coach
Sam Ciadella, ATI Performance Coach
Paul Colison, ATI Performance Coach
Chuck Dailey, ATI Performance Coach
Jackie Ferrier, ATI Collision Performance Coach
Greg Finnerty, ATI Performance Coach
Kevin Green, ATI Performance Coach
Mike Haley, ATI Performance Coach
Brian Hunnicutt, ATI Performance Coach
Rick Johnson, ATI Performance Coach
John Leslie, ATI Performance Coach
Keith Manich, ATI Performance Coach
Paul Marsh, ATI Performance Coach
John Meier, ATI Performance Coach
Kevin Myers, ATI Performance Coach
Ray O'Leary, ATI Performance Coach
Charlene Parlett, ATI Performance Coach
Bobby Poist, ATI Performance Coach
Steve Privette, ATI Performance Coach
Tom Ringle, ATI Performance Coach
Colter Shaffer, ATI Performance Coach
Randy Somers, ATI Performance Coach
Bryan Stasch, VP of Coaching for ATI
Eric Twiggs, ATI Performance Coach
Donald Walter, ATI Performance Coach
Mike Warren, ATI Performance Coach
George Zeeks, ATI Performance Coach

What Our Members Say...

Chris Pendl, Family Automotive Service Center

“Very happy that I joined ATI-have made leaps and bounds improvements in the one year since I signed up. My coach is… always there with help, solutions, and great ideas that have really improved my business… If anyone is reading this that is on the fence and worried about the commitment or money only thing I can say is it’s worth it and I even sent an email that I wished I signed up sooner!”

Kevin Edens, Sherwood Tire Pros

“My son, Chris, and I attended the ATI Eight Essentials event in Memphis, 2019. The information provided was genuine and not the typical hype of magical dust offered by some “companies” that claim to be able to make a business successful … I recommend ATI to anyone that is starting a new business venture or any business that is unsure how to make a profit.”

Elizabeth Heimsoth, Automotive Specialists | Rushville and Glenwood, IN

“I always come away from an ATI class with top quality, innovative information to use. Everyone is always friendly and inviting. [The coaches] always keep class entertaining and jam-packed with so much knowledge!! Have met so many great people and good friends for life.”

"We're banging out about 40-50% more production than what we were."

Chris Lanning | Lanning Automotive

"I have so much hope and gladness that I finally joined ATI."

Rick Tennyson | Good Cents Auto

"I prepaid my 4-year tuition in 2 years as a result of things I got from ATI."

Andy Bizub | Midwest Performance Cars

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