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4 Freedoms to Maintain Focus

September marks the closing of the active and lively Summer and 3rd quarter of the year and welcomes the beginning of a new season — Fall. Soon thereafter, we will usher in Winter and the 4th quarter of the year. In other words, now is the time to bring our ideas, challenges, and goals to life so that we can charge up our engines for new beginnings for the next year.

Solidify Your Mission

With the change of seasons, we are mindful throughout the journey to capitalize on freedoms we hold dear. Encouraging ourselves and our associates to hold true to the freedoms, the mission, and the vision will yield great benefits to everyone.

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Teams with a vision and a mission are acting together for the same purpose and will steadily produce desired results when kept focused — the 4 freedoms will be helpful in maintaining that focus. Reminding others of the 4 freedoms along with coaching and support will give light and energy to the team for the rest of the Fall and Winter to stay on purpose and accomplish your goals. Keep the vision alive!

The 4 Freedoms to Maintain Focus

  1. Freedom to do what is right.
  2. Freedom to be released from the past — grace to the past — move forward continuously
  3. Freedom to choose — know the what (your north star) and the how can have options
  4. Freedom to discover the unknown — development, training, and practice for proficiency

Keep the Vision Alive

Communicating daily, weekly, and monthly about the 4 freedoms with your team and sharing how they are doing and what is coming next will help keep them developing, growing, and excelling in their roles and in life.

Leaders and managers and associates work together to keep the 4 freedoms alive and well while working to fulfill a purpose and accomplish goals that have been set forth. We invite you to explore ATI’s many tools that will aid you in your journey.

Non-ATI Members: Learn how leadership development, training, and coaching will assist you on your journey as an owner, manager, and leader. Join one of our shop owner events to get started.

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LeAnne is an Executive Coach at ATI and has been coaching for over 16 years. LeAnne loves assisting others in the achievement of their personal and business goals. She helps people find the goals and dreams they really what and aids in structuring and implementing a plan to achieve those goals and dreams.