Collision Shop Growth Solutions

In the collision industry, if you’re not staying a step ahead, you’re in danger of falling behind. ATI will help you keep pace.

There was a point in time when all you needed to start a body shop was a garage, some used equipment, and a drive to succeed. Times have changed, and the industry has become complicated – making it more difficult than ever to grow your shop and profit. Now shop owners must contend with the challenges of direct-repair programs, the cost of high-tech equipment, and the growing influence of insurance companies on where work is done and at what cost.

At ATI we offer a range of growth solutions specifically for collision shop owners that help them overcome these challenges and more.  This is more than self-help videos and fly-by-night ideas – rather proven strategies that drive results, supported by certified performance coaches who know best.

The Value of ATI

  • Improved estimating skills that increase repair orders by an average of $650
  • Accurate performance-based solutions and production
  • Effective insurance negotiation tactics resulting in more favorable outcomes
  • Smoother shop operations
  • Improved workplace and culture
  • A secure and comfortable retirement
  • More free time and peace of mind


Discover New Strategies

Keep pace with competitors and the latest industry trends by discovering new strategies in ATI’s shop owner events. Our events are designed to deliver maximum impact in the shortest time period – ensuring that most of what you learn from our industry experts can be applied instantly back at your shop.  We cover today’s most sought-after topics, including negotiating with insurance companies, mastering estimatics for profit, marketing in the digital age, recruiting and retaining staff, retirement planning, and more.


If knowing the right answers were enough to achieve goals, everyone would be fit, healthy and wealthy. The truth is that even when we know the right answers, it doesn’t mean we have the desire, willpower, and support to follow through. That is why all of ATI’s advanced solutions include ongoing coaching to provide you with support and hold you accountable for reaching your dreams. Unlike other consulting companies, our coaches are actual ATI employees, have a background in the industry, and are certified by the Center for Executive Coaching.

Advanced Solutions

Shop Assessments

Following our shop owner event, you can sign up for a virtual shop strategy session with an ATI Specialist to assess your operations and provide a plan of action that aligns with the strategies you just learned.

Re-Engineering Program

Overhaul your shop operations for the better with ATI’s 30- and 48-month all-inclusive programs. You get in-depth training and resources, and unlimited coaching support.

20 Groups

Shop Owners from our program can join small groups that share ideas, support each other and celebrate growth milestones.

Alumni Program

Stay current after your ATI training program with ongoing support and coaching as needed with others who have done the same.

Featured Article

Create a Priority List of Duties

Staff must not only know their duties but in which order they should be tackled
by Keith Manich, ATI Performance Coach and Contributing Editor

To ensure your employees know their tasks and prioritize them properly, you must rely on standard operating procedures (SOPs) to guide them. SOPs are nothing more than a roadmap that, if followed, produce a desired result. So, it is imperative that each step in the desired roadmap be clear in order eliminate waste and produce a predictable and measurable result. Discover the steps in the sequence you should follow when creating SOPs.

Create a Priority List of Duties, ABRN article by Keith Manich, ATI Director, Collision Services

What our members say...

Erin and Ben Nielsen, Ben Nielsen's Skyline Automotive

“Our business has grown tremendously, and we are very happy with the support and education ATI has given us!”

Erin Nielsen Ben Neilsen's Skyline Automotive
Chesdin Automotive & Collision | Petersburg, VA

“What amazing things I could say about ATI!! We have been with them since 2019 and they have been amazing for our business and personal life. The coaches here truly care about you and your business. Best investment ever!!”

Candayce Marshall Chesdin Automotive & Collision
Elite Auto Experts | Houston, TX

“Joining ATI definitely helped us take our shop to different level.”

Moufied Rabieh Elite Auto Experts

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