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The Small Problem That Can Lower Your Pay

“Fred” is drinking the Kool-Aid, all in, and on-board, when it comes to implementing most of ATI’s suggestions. As an aspiring Top Shop Owner, he attends SuperConference, is active with his 20 group, and is

How to Put More Profit in Your Pocket

“How do I put more profit in my pocket?” asked “Jason,” a shop owner who heard about our upcoming webinar on the topic. I responded as follows: “Jason, you’re averaging a 32% parts margin over

Top 5 Profit Eaters of Auto Repair Shops

“I don’t understand how I can be so busy and not make any money.” If you’ve caught yourself thinking this, you are not alone. A lot of auto repair shop owners find themselves working harder

How to Conquer the Car Count Paradox

Have you ever seen a fight break out at the dentist’s office? Let’s think about your last visit. The receptionist handed you a card and said, “Your next appointment will be on May 1st.” She

How to Prevent a Blowout in Your Bank Account

“This tire is defective! I want to talk to the manager!” This is what I overheard at the service counter while conducting a shop visit back when I was a district manager for a national automotive