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3 Quick Ways to Improve the Distance Between Techs and Service Advisors

Often, there can be a disconnect between the techs and service advisors, also considered the front and the back of shops. Service advisors and techs, at times, do not speak the same language and may have differing ideas on what their roles are in providing an outstanding customer experience. They tend to work in silos and have single-minded attention to a 3-foot space around themselves, not seeing how their work affects the collective.

Use these 3 tips to help you to overcome the silo effect when creating estimates for your customer repair from their DVIs (digital vehicle inspection or courtesy check). As the shop owner, these tips will also create more harmony between your technicians and your service advisors while providing a more pleasurable experience for the customer.

1. Double Check # of Parts

Once you receive the DVI from the technician and create the estimate, go to the tech and ask if all the parts are there. Find out if you missed anything or misinterpreted any information given by the DVI. Review and verify the fix, the original request, and any safety issues. Review DVI results with the technician and note any suggestions for preventive maintenance items.

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2. Ensure Labor Rate is Correct

You want to know for sure if your team needs to account for any extra labor. So, after reviewing any changes made from the previous step, double-check the labor charges with the technician. Ensure all necessary adjustments are accounted for by downloading ATI’s guide, What’s Included in the Labor Estimate.” Make your corrections and move to the next step.

3. Verify New Estimate and Close the Sale

Once you have made any corrections with parts and labor, verify the corrected estimate. Then, be sure to know when the customer can return to pick up their vehicle.

Also, communicate with the customer the value of the repairs. Address their original concern first, safety items second, then the DVI results with preventive maintenance items. Now we’re ready to close the sale. Lastly, notify the technician about the work sold.

This process, when completed for every repair, inspection, and estimate you create will be received by all parties in a more positive light. Implement the three tips to tear down the walls between front and back associates. You both have now worked together to provide the customer with a vital part of their exceptional service experience with great hospitality and grace. Way to go!

Now the advisor and the technician are working together to give the customer the best possible communication about the repair and/or maintenance items for their vehicle. When working together everyone achieves a more informed outcome.

Join one of our training sessions to learn more about how we can assist you building effective processes and increase your bottom-line. You can do this — wow the customer and create raving fans for your shop!

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