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Retirement Planning

What About About Your Legacy?

After many months of struggle, “Mark” was finally turning the corner. The year was 2012 and he was the owner of a Midas in the Midwest. Making payroll wasn’t a problem, and he was no

What Are You Building?

During my days as a district manager, I had the opportunity to witness the building of several new locations. The builders would arrive on-site and we would review the drawings. I could see how many

It’s Time to Get off the Fence

Are you on the fence about replacing yourself in the business? This topic reminds me of an encounter I had with a shop owner named “Chuck” back in 2009. After several years of struggle, he

My Biggest Regret as an ATI Coach

Imagine me pulling up to your shop in a shiny, black, 2018 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Coupe. It’s fully equipped to include the 8-cylinder engine, 18-inch aluminum wheels, leather bucket seats, a sunroof, and the

The Biggest Gamble You Can Take

What’s the biggest gamble you can take as a shop owner? Since Las Vegas is the mecca of gambling, I decided to study two famous Vegas acts, to get the answer. First, there’s Siegfried and