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How to Bounce Back From Your Setback

So, there I was, managing a 3.5 million dollar shop in Largo, Maryland. For three months, I had a pressing need to hire another technician. While my colleagues and competitors complained about car count, I

My Biggest Frustration With Goal Achievement

“I’m thinking that one session of repair order audits will instantly solve my Average Repair Order problem!” “I’ve been in business for thirty years, but I’m certain that my upcoming thirty-minute coach call will forever

The Extra Inch

I was recently thinking about what makes a baseball player great. I remembered sportscasters talking about the difference between a player with a .250 batting average compared to one batting .300. The typical major leaguer

A “Key” to Your Success

As I reflect on the lyrics from the song “Already Gone,” I’m reminded of a retired dentist I read about named Jack who started a consulting business in the midwest. His clients blamed their declining

How to Grab Your Customer’s Attention

My wife and I were having breakfast at a local chain restaurant. “William,” the waiter, was friendly, the service was timely, and the food was tasty. Towards the end of our visit, William handed me