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How to Move from Excuses to Excellence

Do your results at the shop depend on external events? As I ponder this question, I’m reminded of a story I shared in a previous post about this single father with two young sons. The

Winning the Game of Inches at Your Shop

The story is told of a man who walked across the entire US continent from coast to coast. Afterwards, he was swamped by news reporters. One of them asked him to recap what the most

How To Grow Into A Better Version Of Yourself

So, how do you grow into a better version of yourself? As I ponder this question, I’m reminded of the lobster. As a lobster starts to grow, its existing shell begins to feel uncomfortable and

How to Become a World-Class Shop Owner

Are you a mediocre shop owner? What really separates the best owners in the world from everyone else? I came across some information from the world of Olympic figure skating that may help you answer

How to Become a Fearless Shop Owner

“What did you fail at this week?” This question was posed to young “Sarah” by her father each night at the dinner table. So much so, that it became part of their dinnertime routine. If

Does Your Goal Have the Gulp Factor?

If ATI were to give out an award at SuperConference for the Lowest Labor Rate in the Country, “Patrick” would have been the winner! Patrick was a member who I coached several years ago, who