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My Biggest Regret as an ATI Coach

Imagine me pulling up to your shop in a shiny, black, 2018 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Coupe. It’s fully equipped to include the 8-cylinder engine, 18-inch aluminum wheels, leather bucket seats, a sunroof, and the

How to Keep a Bad Attitude From Impacting Your Shop

After several months of searching for a service manager, “John,” a local shop owner had finally found “Mr. Right.”  “Steve,” had over 15 years of experience writing service and was most recently working for another

Winning the Game of Inches at Your Shop

The story is told of a man who walked across the entire US continent from coast to coast. Afterwards, he was swamped by news reporters. One of them asked him to recap what the most

The Secret to Successful Selling at Your Shop

My interviewer threw me a curve-ball! I had just graduated from college and was interviewing with a sales manager named “James,” for an outside sales position with a major copy machine company. “Sell me this

How To Grow Into A Better Version Of Yourself

So, how do you grow into a better version of yourself? As I ponder this question, I’m reminded of the lobster. As a lobster starts to grow, its existing shell begins to feel uncomfortable and