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How to Become Unstoppable

What is really stopping you? As I reflect on this question, I’m reminded of a story that was written in the book Go For No, by Richard Fenton. Fenton tells the story of a Chicago

The Extra Inch

I was recently thinking about what makes a baseball player great. I remembered sportscasters talking about the difference between a player with a .250 batting average compared to one batting .300. The typical major leaguer

A “Key” to Your Success

As I reflect on the lyrics from the song “Already Gone,” I’m reminded of a retired dentist I read about named Jack who started a consulting business in the midwest. His clients blamed their declining

How to Create a Winning Expectation

The NCAA College Basketball tournament is known as “March Madness.” In this win or go home playoff, the dream of every player is to win the national championship game. Young “ballers” grow up watching the tournament

How to Thrive During a Pandemic

What if my health fails? What if the economy gets worse? What if this pandemic lasts longer than they say it will? Have you been asking these questions? As I ponder these inquiries, I’m reminded

How to Get More From Your Employees

I have an embarrassing confession to make. It all started after reading a Mayo Clinic study which concluded that sitting is the new smoking. I was motivated to get moving, so I set a goal