Member Resource Center Refresh and Enhancements

Great news! ATI’s Member Resource Center within CPTS was refreshed in December to a more modern, functional design – making it easier for members to navigate the site and find all the information they need.

ATI Joins Driven Brands

ATI’s lifelong focus has always been to help all our members realize their profits and dreams with the best coaching and training available.  Providing a high-value member experience has been our top priority. But for

ATI’s National Accounts Team Is Growing!

We are happy to announce that Ken Seal has joined ATI’s National Accounts Team! In this role, he will assist the team with attending tradeshows and events, establishing new industry partnerships and business development. Ken

New ATI Collision Facebook Group

ATI is happy to announce that we’ve added a new Facebook group page for our collision members! Now collision members have a designed area to discuss and share topics that are relevant to the unique

ATI Relaunches “Driving Change” Podcast

ATI is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our podcast, “Driving Change.” It’s a show hosted by ATI Performance Coach Geoff Berman that highlights the growth journey of our members and the challenges they’ve overcome