DrivenAdvantage Gives Rebate Payouts to ATI Members

ATI is proud to announce that over $2,200 was paid out to ATI members who participated in last year’s Q4 DrivenAdvantage 5% Rebate Program!

That’s right – over $2,200 returned to our members simply for buying the items they regularly need at already low prices through

Congratulations to participating members:

Will Jones
Peter Ferdinand & Mark Hastings
Bryan Dorman
Robert / David Downey
Reiny Salmen
Scott Petti
Leon Anderson
Clinton Ramsey
Tony Burns
Dan Reavis
Scott & Heather DePriest
Aden McDonnell
Stephen & Sarah Konyndyk
Roland & Brittany Homola
Adam Garcia
Scott Rosnick
David Nix
Bill & Laurie Rate

Want to be the next winner? Don’t worry! ATI will continue to roll out more savings promotions and programs to help members maximize savings. Please whitelist all communications so that you can avoid having these emails go to spam and missing out on these opportunities.

Thank you for being a valued member of the DrivenAdvantage community. We appreciate your continued support.

Best regards,

ATI and The DrivenAdvantage Team