SWOT Analysis

Plan Your Best Year Yet

Over my time as a shop owner and business coach, I have worked to hone my skills on the planning phase and I have narrowed down the process of comprehensive business planning to what I

Are you procrastinating?

Stop Procrastinating

As shop owners, we face distractions all day, every day. There is always something or someone demanding our attention or distracting us from the tasks we know we must complete. How many times have you

Pay with credit card

Win the Diagnostic Game: Part 2

Last month, we took a look at how to accurately calculate what you should be charging. This month, we’re going to examine how to successfully sell the value of what you’re charging. We must have a

Win the repair diagnostics game.

Win the Diagnostic Game: Part 1

Get them to your shop. Always sell value, never time. Ensure you actually make a profit. Make sure your tech doesn’t get lost in the weeds. Sound like a fantasy? Well, let me explain how you can