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Leaders Invent Themselves!

It is hard work to find your authentic self, see what you are best at, and discover what brings you great joy in life and business. However, those that can find their authentic self, find that they are at the front of the pack encouraging and leading others to follow them — hence they have become a leader.

True leadership comes from within. Leadership vibrates off authentic people, who perform at the highest level at what they are good at, and are completely joyful and happy in life and at work. In addition, true leaders possess essential virtues that enable them to gather followers and pursue a shared mission and vision with others.

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The Virtues of a Leader

Let’s review the five virtues that make up the heart of leadership.

  1. Vision: the ability to see that which others cannot. Wayne Gretzky, the great hockey player, skates to where a hockey puck will be, not where it is.
  2. Integrity: Know thyself — know what is right — always do what is right, especially when no one is looking. Stand for what is right, always.
  3. Hunger: The insatiable desire to learn, grow and create. There is no limit to what can be done — a drive that will not be derailed by anything. Continual development is as essential as breathing air. Kaizen is “your word of the year” via Jon Gordon (watch his Word of the Year video on YouTube) — constant improvement.
  4. Risk: Always be willing to challenge norms, be different, be unusual, be willing to live outside the box, enjoy being uncomfortable. A comfort zone is a mythical place that does not exist for you.
  5. Passion: Love of who you are and what you do, and the ability to share that love with others. Caring beyond borders of friends and family — follows the light in themselves, not allowing the darkness to enter.

Have a Mirror Moment and Then Move Forward

Jesse Cole, the author of Find Your Yellow Tux, shares an exercise everyone can benefit from. To find “what is holding you back,” take time to have your “mirror moment.” Ask yourself what frustrates you about your business, what frustrates you about your customers, and what do people say when they complain about your business? Then, bring forth the “leader” and start doing your own thing.

David Corbin’s book, Illuminate the Negative, shares a great process for problem-solving and taking action to move forward with solutions. Face it, follow it, fix it: continually examine all aspects of life and business and never stop becoming better or striving for excellence.

Choose to become your best self. Be the leader your team will be proud to follow.

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