Veterans Day is Around the Corner!

Here’s a marketing idea that’s also good for the community: a promo for veterans and active duty. Email blast, Tweet, Facebook, Google +, etc. You could limit the promotion to one day only or for the week. Possible promotions include:

  • A discount off repairs and/or maintenance
  • Complimentary oil service
  • Free gift: call your vendors and ask them for tchotchkes you can give away (like hats, screwdrivers, tire pressure gauges, die-cast cars, etc.)
  • Free wiper blades
  • You could donate a percent or dollar amount of their ticket to the veteran charity of their choice
  • You could partner with a local restaurant, car wash, movie theatre, or any type of business and get free or discounted gift cards from them to give away
  • My local Harley-Davidson dealer is offering double reward points for their Veteran Appreciation Day promotion. For those of you with Royalty Rewards, LIFT Network, or any other reward systems, this is another option you could take advantage of.
  • Another way of limiting the promotion without setting a number per day is by saying “While appointments are available.”

Many people confuse the sentiment of Veterans and Memorial Day. You can find more information and an explanation of the differences by visiting Veterans Day Frequently Asked Questions and the History of Veterans Day.