New Member Benefits Announced at SuperConference 2019

If you didn’t have the chance to attend SuperConference 2019 this year, you missed our best one ever along with some important announcements I made during my opening keynote speech regarding new member benefits for 2019. Here’s what I covered:

Employee Engagement Assistance

We believe one of your biggest long-term threats will be staffing your shop. Unfortunately, technicians and service advisors join companies, but they quit managers. The turnover in all North American shops costs lots of time, money and productivity. Not to mention the workforce is short 76,000 techs as we speak.

ATI is addressing this talent shortage by helping you retain the employees you have by keeping them engaged in your shop. We developed a shop Employee Engagement Survey in conjunction with E3 Solutions, the leading authority in the science of engagement in the workforce. We are currently training our coaches to administer your shop’s survey to determine your percentage of employee disengagement and engagement. Surveys will be available on a limited basis beginning in July 2019.

Concurrently, we will begin teaching a two-day Employee Engagement course led by Matt Winslow and Geoff Berman for you and your manager. To better understand how paying close attention to employee engagement will reduce your turnover by 40% and boost profits in your shop, read my March 2019 Motor Age article, The Role of the Manager in Employee Engagement.

Tech Training Curriculum

Available right now on your portal is ATI’s new Tech Training Curriculum, a step-by-step training course to help you bring up young apprentices in your shop so they become long-term, valued technicians. Bryan Stasch, our VP of Client Fulfillment has been working on this new course for quite a while, and now your coach can walk you through an implementation process. We believe the best long-term solution to your staffing problems will be ATI’s concert of recruiting, employee engagement, and our Tech Training Curriculum.

Value-Added Preferred Suppliers

ATI added PSA Insurance based in Hunt Valley, Maryland as a preferred supplier to meet all your insurance needs. Many of our members expressed the need for affordable insurance solutions, and through this relationship, you’ll gain direct access to one of the largest providers in the industry. We also partnered with Veratas Advisors to help those of you who may be interested in either selling your business, acquiring additional locations or simply getting an accurate evaluation of your business.

Renovation and Expansion

Last, but not least, we are currently remodeling the ATI facility headquarters and adding 4,500 square feet to serve you and our associates better. Our biggest addition is two state-of-the-art virtual classrooms designed to help you access training when you can’t physically be with us. We still believe live classroom training with your peers is a better learning experience. However, we understand that getting to headquarters is not always possible.

Final Thoughts

All of these new benefits were put in place to help you succeed. You know that ATI doesn’t sell silver bullets and we are NOT a do-it-for-you program. We’re all about helping you become a better businessperson and leader. Your shop can only reach its true potential when all areas perform successfully in concert. That’s not nearly as hard as it sounds, but it does take focus, experience and ongoing mentoring. Simple online videos and part-time coaches can only take you so far. If you’re looking to grow and become the best shop in your market, our full-time Certified Executive Coaches are here to take you from start-up to retirement. Take advantage of all of our programs as you make plans for 2019 and beyond.