ATI SuperConference Attendees Donate $65,880 to Therapeutic Riding Charity, Unbridled Horse Therapy

SuperConference 2024 attendees raised $65,880 for the Texas-based charity, Unbridled Horse Therapy, an organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding to those with special needs.


“We are truly honored to have been chosen as the selected charity for the ATI SuperConference 2024. The time we spent with the ATI members and staff, and the warm support we received will remain on the highlight reel of Unbridled’s history. It was truly an amazing experience,” said Co-Founder Shelly Turner. “Since 2016, and with over 75 years of combined experience across our team, we have been dedicated to helping people of all ages and abilities through the healing power of horses. Horses have a unique ability to connect with individuals on a deep level, offering a sense of emotional support and safety, they never lie and hold us accountable to achieve goals with honesty and non-judgment. It’s magical!”

Therapeutic riding, also known as equine-assisted-learning, has been proven to promote growth and healing for those struggling with physical and/or emotional health challenges and disabilities. Through experiential activities with gentle and majestic horses, trained instructors facilitate sessions that promote physical strength and coordination, self-reflection, communication skills, and emotional regulation through bonding and partnership with an equine friend.

Each SuperConference, ATI selects a charity to raise awareness and money for their organization. Over the years, ATI members have donated more than $400,000.

“It is truly amazing to see and be part of the incredible generosity ATI shop owners show our SuperConference charities,” said ATI COO Ron Greenman. “When you pair this with how they support their local communities as well, it is hard not to be proud to support these business owners and leaders.”

To learn more about Unbridled Horse Therapy, visit

About Unbridled Horse Therapy

Unbridled Horse Therapy is a non-profit (501c3) that provides equine therapy for individuals with various mental and physical abilities. Their mission is to effectively intercede and encourage unrealized potential through the connection between horse and rider.