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What Our Members Say...

Eddy Wooten, TNT Automotive

“If you want to make a lot more money, sign up with ATI. Learn things you may have forgotten or never even knew! Have fun and work smarter! Do it, don’t wait, the money will come!”

Eddy Wooten TNT Automotive
Cars Trucks -N- More | Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Thank you, ATI, for hosting that shop owner’s event and providing much valuable information. It came at a time when we were very busy and working hard, but we weren’t making any money! You provided step-by-step guidance on how to increase profits, marketing and just plain management skills in general.  It has changed our whole outlook on the repair business and helped us become way more profitable.”

Harold Ahlers Cars Trucks -N- More
Berena's Automotive Center | Niles, OH

“We knew what we wanted our business to be and the potential it had to grow but having to face the challenges to change is difficult. Especially after being a mechanic for 30 years and transitioning to a business owner mindset. But I have to tell you, IT IS WORTH IT…We are grateful to be part of the ATI Family!!

Kristine Berena Berena's Automotive Center

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