Mark Denton Testimonial Video Transcript

Script Visual
  • Mark Denton appears on-screen.
  • The background is a picture of Big O Tires’ building exterior.
Mark Denton

“Hi, my name’s Mark Denton and I own a Big O Tires store in California. And to put it in a summary: 10 years ago, ATI saved my life. Struggling with stress and life and learning how to manage things. And Nadine was my coach back then. At the time, I’ve told many of my fellow dealers and people in the industry that, in the first six months that I was with ATI, I learned more in education about management, being a manager, and running my business than I learned in prior 20 years experience with my other company.

“Coming back to ATI now, I realize that it would have been highly more valuable for me if I’d stayed with the alumni program after my first stint with it.”

  • Text appears on-screen:
    “Mark Denton Big O Tires”
  • Mark Denton talks to the camera.
  • The ATI logo is in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Text fades away.
Mark Denton

“I did a couple of little tuneups in between, which got me sparked back up and realize this time coming back and stuff, it’s a win win all the way around.

“I’ve got an excellent manager in place that’s been with me for three years now who’s younger and he’s looking to take the business to a whole other level. Now that I’ve got my 40 years in and been doing this awhile, ready to slow things down, which I’ve been a little bit since he’s been taking the reigns. And ATI is providing a program for him now, it’s going to get him going and watching the numbers and taking care of things. So I don’t have to be the one up on my soapbox, as they say, and point my finger and doing all this stuff to him to keep him going.

“So now I’ve got ATI to take care of that with him to keep us going. And, I’m coming in a few months to do the succession program training, which is going to give me some little extra pieces and things. So I’ll have those right pieces in place to let me exit in the right manner and let him grow forward and be a successful businessman like I’ve become over the years.

“Thank you and good luck to everybody.”

  • Mark Denton talks to the camera.
  • Text appears on-screen:
    “Please see description for info about a Boot Camp
    We would love to see you make the same change as Mark!”
  • Mark Denton and all text disappears from the screen
  • The screen changes white.
  • Soft music plays
  • ATI logo rolls onto the screen.