Chris Lanning Testimonial Video Transcript

Script Visual
  • Chris Lanning appears on-screen.
  • The background is a picture of Lanning Automotive’s building exterior and parking lot.
  • The ATI logo is in the upper right corner of the screen.
Chris Lanning

“Hi, I’m Chris Lanning. I’m with Lanning Automotive in Columbus, Indiana. Joined ATI about six months ago. Seven months ago, I went to one of the bootcamps in Nashville, Tennessee. And, from that bootcamp I realized that I didn’t have the infrastructure that I needed in order to be successful.

“So, I pondered it over for about a month, met with Keith, and shortly after that we got enrolled and six months later, we’re banging out about 40 to 50% more production than what we were prior to that. And they made me realize that the structure that I needed wasn’t there and they helped build a plan to get that structure.

“So, the numbers are there, they’re going to continue to be there. We’re continuing the roadmap up through the duration of the course and coming to these classes just kind of helps reinforce all that. So, I’m excited to keep going with it and, it’s doing what I need it to do.”

  • Text appears on-screen:
    “Chris Lanning from Lanning Automotive”
  • Chris Lanning talks to the camera.
  • Chris Lanning disappears from the screen
  • Text covers the screen:
    “From more info, see the description for details”
  • The screen fades to black