Case Studies

ATI led us far beyond our original goals.

1.3 million in sales with 20%-30% net profit

Auto repair shop on target for 1.3 million in sales while consistently maintaining a 20%-30% net profit

When Dave and I joined ATI, our dreams were to expand our current four-bay shop, increase our $750K sales and 8% net profit, AND be able to get some time off to spend with each other and our family. The problem was, Dave was our service writer and was not able to leave our business very often.

Going through ATI’s Re-Engineering Program, while purchasing an adjacent four-bay building, helped us to correctly staff our shop and grow our sales, as well as work on improving our margins. Our ATI coach and ATI’s valuable training classes were a huge help in achieving the correct staffing model, defining our roles as partners and enabling  Dave to lead our team and be able to work ON our business rather than IN it.

The opportunity to continue on with ATI’s Mastermind 20 Group has taken our business far beyond our original goals and visions, not to mention the invaluable friendships we’ve had the privilege to develop. We’re so fortunate to meet with ATI shop owners from all over the country who share many of the same experiences and goals as we do.

This year Dave and I celebrate 20 years in business and are on target for 1.3 million in sales while consistently maintaining a 20%30% net profit. We added two new drive-on racks (paid cash) and an eighth bay. We have 4.5 technicians and two service managers who make up our current team and look forward to growing our business even more. Best of all, we’re able to travel 10-12 weeks a year and spend lots of time with our family and friends outside of our business.

We would not be where we are today without Chris “Chubby” Frederick and The ATI Family who taught us how to love what we do, help others and learn and grow in our own business. Thank you for leading us to this level of success!