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Create a Culture of Possibilities

The next few months of 2020 is a time to maintain your focus in your personal and professional life. Energy is running low; momentum slows and a shift in gears starts to appear. You must keep an eye on the ball to achieve the goals set forth for your personal and professional lives in 2020.

New Possibilities

Fall offers up a time for renewal whereby you and your business have to find ways to fuel up, regain momentum, and put the pedal down to reach the finish line for the last quarter of the year to maximize your performance. Chill is in the air, leaves are falling from the trees, plants and critters are preparing for slumber to reemerge come spring full of life, beauty, and joy for us all.

We can do the same — the leaves falling makes room for new opportunities and new possibilities to occur, the chill in the air brings a crisp freshness to what may be possible moving forward driving through the holidays to the end of the year.  Taking advantage during the last quarter of the year requires fuel: lots of energy to drive your personal and professional goals home.

Ideas to grow your businessNon-ATI members: Discover ways to fuel yourself and your business with curiosity, generosity, and connectivity. It will help build a great team, increase your bottom-line, and grow your business. Start with ATI’s Power of 10% Action Plan.

Make It Positive

One way to do fill your tank of the necessary fuel to carry on is to focus on maintaining a positive culture of possibilities in your workplace and in your life.  Sharing your vision with optimism and positivity will allow your team to refuel right along with you, thereby hitting the pavement with momentum and zeal to hit those quarterly and yearly KPIs and target goals you have set for yourself and your business.

Emotions are fuel — be sure to select the correct ones to refuel yourself and your team with. Anger can be destructive so watch out; jealousy always fades and greed ultimately eliminates joy, so negative emotions are not the best way to refuel.

Positive emotions and positive behaviors will assist you in maintaining a culture that thrives versus one that dies. Seth Godin shares “curiosity, generosity, and connection” are positive behaviors you and your business can become refueled with to reach the finish line.

  • With curiosity, your team is able to play and enjoy working together to achieve a common vision for the business. The ability to be creative brings joy and fun to the workplace creating a positive culture that is nourishing. Individual and team growth are vital to your success as a business.
  • With generosity, you and your team are focused on the values you represent as a business focused on a vision with a worthy purpose. Togetherness grows stronger, bonding creates strength and momentum when all power is moving in the same direction.
  • With connection, everyone leaves behind judgments and assumptions.  The team engages in dialogue meant to learn and share with one another. Perceptions are listened to and challenged. Open and honest discussions yield greater understanding and norms that allow everyone to move forward together creating a culture of possibilities.

The Power of 10%

Lead from where you are right now and drive yourself and your team to the finish line. I challenge you to use the Power of 10% to start building your culture of possibilities right now, gaining the fuel you and your team will need to make the rest of the journey maximizing performance personally and professionally. With incremental growth and changes, you and your team will make it happen.

Non-ATI Members: Check out ATI’s Power of 10% Action Plan and start now with a challenge to your team: what can we do to refuel using the Power of 10%?

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LeAnne is an Executive Coach at ATI and has been coaching since 2003. LeAnne loves assisting others in the achievement of their personal and business goals. She helps people find the goals and dreams they really what and aids in structuring and implementing a plan to achieve those goals and dreams.