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Righter & Tighter for 2022

Everyone looks for a magic solution to take their business to the heights they desire. A magic pill that will make everything run smoothly, providing the results with high profits that you, the owner, have dreamed about having from owning your own business. Wouldn’t that be wonderful — lead me to the pill dispensary right away!

Ah, but wait, you were kidding, weren’t you? Unfortunately, magic pills and magic solutions do not exist. What does exist is working on a framework of best practices that you and your team can implement in your business to achieve the results and profits you are looking for as an owner.

Once you have “best practices” in place, it’s time for execution:  daily, weekly, monthly, yearly!

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1. Set smart Goals

What are the goals: sales, margins, productivity, and profits for your business? Drill it down to a daily measurement — monitor and coach up behaviors weekly or as needed during the week. Communication of the business goals and tieing them to their personal goals provides congruency, shares clarity of purpose, and gains commitment from staff. When everyone knows what and why the business is pursuing the goals and what is in it for them, the customers, and the business WIIFM, staff become more engaged and desire to take the journey with you to achieve results.

When setting your goals follow smart: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timebound.

  1. What is happening now (Reality)?
  2. What do you want to be happening (Target)?
  3. What will you need to do to close the gap between Realty and Targets (Smart Goals)?

2. Achieve smart Goals

Who must do what specific behaviors or tasks differently or consistently to close the gap and achieve the Smart Goals?

  1. Will you coach up current behaviors and skills?
  2. Will you need new behaviors and skills?
  3. Who are your high performers, and who are your low performers?

3. Action Plans

Once you know this information, you can create action plans for your team to work Righter & Tighter.

Remember one key component: you do not have to do this alone — utilize your team. Brainstorming, sharing information through weekly team meetings, weekly 1-on-1 sit-downs with all staff members, and quarterly performance reviews and developmental paths is the best way to create a business success plan that everyone will be engaged with and excited about to contribute toward achieving the business plan goals.

2022 is coming fast — get with your staff and begin your business success planning for 2022 together! All the best of success to you all.

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LeAnne is an Executive Coach at ATI and has been coaching for over 16 years. LeAnne loves assisting others in the achievement of their personal and business goals. She helps people find the goals and dreams they really what and aids in structuring and implementing a plan to achieve those goals and dreams.