Member Resource Center Refresh and Enhancements

Great news! ATI’s Member Resource Center within CPTS was refreshed in December to a more modern, functional design – making it easier for members to navigate the site and find all the information they need.

Enhancements include:

  1. Mobile-friendly design: You can now access the Member Resource Center via desktop, tablet, or phone.
  2. Webinar Library enhancements: The webinar library now has filters to make searching for content faster and easier. Search by keyword, date, category, or speaker. All the content is mobile-friendly and all videos and audio files can be played in place on the page—no more pop-up windows!
  3. New Preferred Suppliers page: Easily search and filter results for ATI’s preferred suppliers. We have over 50 suppliers specializing in over 10 different areas of the auto repair business to help your shop run more smoothly. As we develop this page, we’ll add any special offers available for ATI members.
  4. New Current Offers page: ATI is providing direct access to our advertised tools, forms and checklists currently promoted in many of our blogs and articles.
  5. New SESCO page: Visit this page to see the latest news from SESCO and check in on any recent updates that could inform or impact the human resources aspects of your business. SESCO is a valuable resource available to ATI members for free.
  6. New 20 Group pages: One of the most powerful programs you can get involved with at ATI is our 20 Groups. In our new 20 Group section of the Resource Center, learn about the overall program’s structure and benefits, and visit each group’s page to learn more about who they are, their focus and personality, and the goals they aim to achieve. 20 Group schedules and other content enhancements are scheduled for later this year.

ATI Members can log into CPTS and navigate to the Resource Center to see all of this and more!