Daylight Saving Time

November marketing Idea! Offer to change your customers’ clocks. Here is a sample email blast you can send:

Dear [Customer Name],

It is that time of year again and in a few days we will be setting our clocks back one hour on Saturday night November 3 before we go to sleep. While I am excited for the extra hour I get to sleep that day I hate that I have to reset all those clocks. I have a lot of clocks and this can be quite a chore. If you’re like me the one in my car is the most complicated of all.

This year I decided changing your vehicle’s clock for Daylight Saving Time should be our responsibility so we are going to take care of this for you. When you have the time, or maybe at your next service, just bring your car by the shop and we will be happy to reset the clock for you. (Please have your vehicle owner’s manual with you.) It’s as simple as that.

Thank you for continuing to make us your only choice in auto service!

See you soon,

[Shop Owner Name]

PS. If you have any friends that need assistance setting their vehicle clocks, please send them our way and tell them to mention you sent them. We will be happy to assist them as well.