ATI’s Coaching Staff is Now Certified by the Center for Executive Coaching

Automotive Training Institute (ATI), the leading consulting company serving automotive repair businesses, has recently announced that its entire staff of thirty-one coaches is now certified by the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC).

The training is an ongoing process, starting with three months of home study and three days of onsite instruction at ATI’s headquarters with Andrew Neitlich, CEC founder and director of CEC.  In addition to ATI, Andrew and his team train and certify coaches from companies such as U.S. Department of Defense, Coca-Cola Company and Microsoft.

ATI prides itself on employing full-time coaches to ensure that one-on-one, consultative support is provided to its members.  The company’s decision to certify its staff comes at a time when the coaching profession is experiencing strong growth across all industries, including the automotive aftermarket. The coaching profession remains largely unregulated – making it increasingly difficult for customers to find qualified help. Basically, everyone’s a “coach” who has any business success.

“Our coaches have an average of fifteen years of industry experience, plus an average of ten years coaching experience helping shop owners overcome growth challenges to improve their businesses and lives,” says ATI’s president Richard Menneg. “This certification helps them stay current on the latest strategies, while once again raising the bar for coaching in the industry,” added Menneg.

ATI’s coaches say the CEC certification adds to their credibility in the marketplace and improves their ability to consult members at every growth stage. “As our members achieve greater success, we increase our ability to coach them at the CEO level. Many of our members have opened multiple shops, along with additional businesses outside of automotive,” said Bryan Stasch, Vice-President of Member Fulfillment at ATI.

“CEC training has enhanced my abilities to get to the root of the issues.  My members have reached levels far beyond just being a shop owner. This training, in addition to ATI’s classroom and online training, gives us additional tools for advanced members,” stated performance coach Kim Hickey.

Performance coach Kevin Allen adds, “I learned very powerful techniques that improve my ability to coach members at all levels.  It has allowed me to become better at coaching members towards solutions that best fit them. Whether they’re a single shop owner, a multiple shop owner, or an owner with multiple businesses – we’re prepared and ready to help them reach higher levels.”

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About Automotive Training Institute

The Automotive Training Institute (ATI) is a leading coaching and consulting company for auto repair and collision shop owners in the United States and Canada.  Established in 1980, we’ve helped thousands of shop owners improve their businesses and their lives with proven, measurable and field-tested strategies and practices.