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Workshop Benefits

Invest one day for the future of your business. You will learn all this and more!

Hear some of what you'll learn (click to listen to MP3 audio excerpts):

  Increase Your Profits
  Business Or Job?
  Does Your Tech Make More Than You?
  If You're Not Making Money, Something's Wrong
  It's All About Me Profits
  Dealing With Price Complaints
  Stop Procrastinating
  Best Service Anywhere
  What Do You Want?

More Profit

  · Gain 3% to 8% from One Day—Guaranteed
  · Determine Your Ideal Labor Rate
  · Set Parts and Labor Prices to Control Profit Margins
  · Learn How to Create and Sell Factory Scheduled Maintenance Your Customers Will Love
  · Learn the Best Techniques to Close More Sales

A High Performance Service Team

  · How to Build a High Performance Service Team
  · How to Hire and Keep the Best Techs
  · How to Keep Your Technicians Happy
  · How to Control Your Business without Being There
  · Why Measuring Technician Productivity is Vital
  · What Motivates Each of Your Employees and How to Use That to Benefit You & Your Staff
  · How to Inspire Your Staff to Bethe Best

How to Stay the Best Shop

  · Get Insider Knowledge of What the Competition is Doing
  · Learn the Current Industry Conditions
  · Compare Your Shop with Over 3200 Shops from Across the US
  · ATI is the only company doing this

Secrets to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

  · Determine Your Ideal Car Count
  · Learn How to Identify Buying Personalities and Why This Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back
  · Learn Low Cost High Impact Ways to Get Cars to Your Shop
  · Abandon Lost Leader Oil Changes Forever
  · Marketing Tools for Successful Promotions

How to Earn Top Dollar When You Sell

  · Succession Planning Strategies
  · Exit Strategies for Selling Your Shop for Top Dollar

Roadmap to Success

  · Where You Want Your Business to Be in the Next 1, 3 & 5 Years
  · Personalized Plan for You and Your Shop

More Free Time

  · All You Have to Do is Decide How You Want to Use It


AMi Certified:

Approved for Educational Credit!

Shop Owner's
1-Day Workshop

Our Shop Owner 1-Day Workshop will ignite your passion again,
re-energize your business and
increase your profits by 3-8%
or your money back.

Gain MORE Control!

Shop Owner's 1-Day Workshop

Seating is Limited

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