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what if...

...there was a simple way to increase your car count, take home more cash profit, spot the four specific mistakes shop owners make that cost them their best customers, cut your stress in half... and do it all by working smarter, not harder, in less time than you ever dreamed possible?

There is!

Not too long ago, having a good auto repair shop or tire store with decent service was all it took to make plenty of money. No more. Today, dealers are blatantly stealing away your best clients with dirty tricks and cut-throat competition, quick-lube franchises are soaking up the lucrative maintenance business, margins are drying up and car dealer vehicle retention marketing have car counts dropping like a rock. Is it a hopeless situation or an amazing opportunity?

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In the next 11 months a select few shop owners will make more money with less work and less stress than ever before. Their car counts will go up. Cash profit will increase to as much as 30%. Attracting and keeping motivated techs will become easier than ever before. Best of all, they’ll be able to spend more time doing the things they love instead of stressing over the things they hate.

AMI Certified! Approved for Educational Credit!

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ATI - Automotive Training Institute

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