Three Questions to Ask Yourself in Business and Life

Do you have a big, hairy, audacious goal for your business and life? If you do, great! If not, then we highly recommend you start asking yourself these key questions. In the book Taking People with You, David Novak asks three deliberate questions which he ultimately describes as “the only way to make big things happen.”

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1. What is the biggest thing you want to accomplish?

Think about the single biggest thing that will grow your business and change your life. Describe to yourself or on paper what it is you envision with as much detail as possible.

2. Who do you need to bring along with you to make your big goal happen?

What roles need to be filled in your auto repair shop? Research quality job descriptions, then create your own. Find the right people to join your team.

3. Do you have a limiting mindset?

Is your belief system hard and usually negative? Or will you have a powerful mindset where you choose to be positive and believe in yourself and your business? With the right mindset, opportunities are unlimited.

We can all benefit from asking ourselves these three big questions. You can also discuss them with your team. It’s nearly impossible to reach your biggest goals without first answering these questions. Start by being your best self and what you want your big goal to be. Be sure to get your team’s input on the next steps. Make small moves to reach your biggest goal.

Check out our tools for goal setting in past blogs, especially SMART goals. 4th quarter is yours for the taking!

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