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What Our Members Say...

Mike Reel, South Valley Automotive & Customs

“[Since joining in 2018], my business is thriving, I’m in process of buying a building, hired some new employees. I have no complaints. My coach is awesome and the teachers are fantastic…It isn’t always the easiest, but I will tell you first hand that it’s worth every second…ATI is the way for any automotive business. Failing or not.”

Mike Reel South Valley Automotive & Customs
Shawn Shippee, Shippee Auto Inc | Hinsdale, NH

“ATI has been a huge help to my business. Thank you so much for all you do.”

Shawn Shippee Shippee Auto Inc.
Mike Holsinger, Surprise Car Care

“Great business. Every auto repair shop should join ATI. Absolutely no complaints and if there were, they would make it right. They Care.”

Mike Holsinger Surprise Car Care