How Making Small Moves Creates Giant Results

When you realize that the results you are striving for are not manifesting in your personal and professional life, most people have tons of excuses as to why. Many will blame others and claim they are the victim—in each case, it will always be something or someone else that caused the shortfalls.

Being an excuse monger will get you nowhere fast—all an excuse monger does is create negative vibes that infect others and the work environment.

So, what can you do when you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for? I suggest reading or rereading Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect. He makes it clear from the start that we are all 100% responsible for the choices we make in life whether positive or negative—we make the choice.

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Change Your Habits to Get the Results You Want

The choices we make can and will become habits that will have compounding effects over time. This is when you’ll have the epiphany: If I don’t like the results I’m getting, then I must change my habits to get the results I want.

Feels great to say that, right? Now what?

List out the goals and the results you want on paper in your personal and professional life. Examine the habits that have fed the negative results thus far and begin to write out new habits that will feed the positive results you are working toward. Now, it begins—your journey of making better, more positive choices. Commit to making changes to your routines and habits to move closer to your desired results.

Shift Your Limiting Beliefs

Start working on your limiting beliefs. Start thinking “I can” instead of “cannot” and “I will do” instead of “maybe”. I am often reminded of a powerful scene in the movie Contact with Jodi Foster and her father. In the scene, Jodi anxiously looks through her telescope to find anything that will move her toward her goal of other life in the universe. Her father says, “small moves.”

Those two words are like a lightning bolt. Can you feel them resonate with you? Eating an elephant takes one bite at a time and changing habits takes small moves at a time. Better habits start with making small, positive decisions and choices at a time.

One of the best ways to create better habits is to have an accountability partner that will assist you on the journey. Build out a network of friends, workers, and others that will feed your journey with positive reinforcement yet hold you responsible when you hit a bump in the road.

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