Influencing the Customer’s Behavior with a Professional Greeting

Calling a place of business to get a task taken care of, make an appointment, or just to gather information can be a dreaded event. Many people will put off the call because they know how they will be greeted and treated by the business. The caller’s expectations are so low on how they will be treated that they would rather visit a dentist than deal with a place of business that does not particularly care about meeting the needs of their call.

Now for the challenge: what does your shop’s phone greeting project to callers? How are you preparing and delivering your greeting to influence the caller to say yes and become a customer?

A Proper Greeting

A warm and friendly environment can be depicted over the phone by a heartfelt greeting. When the phone rings, the first thing felt by all associates should be “There’s an opportunity on the phone, here we go!” It’s time to smile, breathe, and project energy and enthusiasm with a heartfelt greeting.

When a proper greeting is delivered well over the phone, the caller says, “Wow, what a nice person! This is a pleasant surprise.” You now have the caller’s attention; maybe they’re even a little off-balance if they are a first-time caller.

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Poor Greetings

Here are a few greetings that are out there in our industry:

  1. “Marvin’s Automotive …………..!” Gruff voice, rushed – seems in a hurry.
  2. “Aesop’s Garage – what do you need?” Really busy and rushing to get off the phone.
  3. “Napoleon’s Shop – what can we do for you today?” Nice, was smiling – but empty.

So, how can you be sure to greet every caller with a greeting that will influence them to become a patron of your establishment?

How to Improve

First: Decide to be better and make a change

Write a professional phone greeting; a consistent, repeatable process that everyone can practice and become skilled at delivering with every caller. One challenge in learning a new process is it will require everyone to break old habits or behaviors and walk away from old routines. The new behavior is rewired to enact the new process with consistency and professionalism.

  1. Be clear and precise
  2. Smile, be upbeat and positive
  3. Say your name
  4. Get their name

Second: Set High Expectations

Set the expectation high for all associates to deliver with every caller. Phone shop your market area competitors. Have friends phone shop you and your staff and offer feedback.

Third: Train

Practice and coach. Offer feedback and hold people accountable (maintain discipline). All associates that will be responsible for answering calls should go through this process and be held to the set standard.

Once your professional greeting is in place, you will be known for being a nice place to do business with – a pleasure to contact when in need and get assistance from pleasant, helpful, and genuine associates.

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