The ATI Way | Fundamental #8: Take Responsibility

Identify what you don’t know and find a way to learn it. Ask for what you need and take full responsibility for your success. There’s no room for victims in a high-performance organization. 

Take responsibility! Seems pretty simple right? When you take responsibility, this gives you ownership and allows you to choose how to respond. You move into the driver’s seat and take full responsibility for your success and the success of ATI. Your actions are essential.

What this looks like in everyday life:

    • Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions
    • Stop blaming
  • Stop complaining
  • Refuse to take anything personally
  • Make yourself happy
  • Live in the present moment
  • Feel calm and confident
  • Look for the good in people

Taking responsibility for your life will give you a fulfilling life, career, and success.