Special Announcement: Richard C Menneg’s Retirement

A heartfelt message from Richard C Menneg…

Dear members, partners, and associates,

After 18 years at ATI, building on and elevating Chubby’s vision, it is finally time for me to retire and move to a backstage position supporting the continued growth of our members and the company and the industry I love.

For me, the timing could not be more perfect. Together, the ATI team delivered our largest and most successful SuperConference ever in Puerto Rico. ATI’s leadership is the strongest it has ever been, well positioned to take ATI and our members to the next level. Our valued partners and vendors are perfectly aligned with ATI to support our member’s business needs. Marketplace is finally here realizing Chubby and my acquisition dream of giving our members Driven Brands significant buying power.

For the next year, I will play an important consulting role helping ATI continue to evolve as the premier coaching and training company in the automotive aftermarket.

Helping lead ATI these past eighteen years has been the highlight of my career. I have been able to watch so many of our members prosper to new heights beyond their own visions. Our ATI associates have also grown and matured, driven by their passion to “drive profits and dreams home”.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to building close personal relationships with many of our members and partners. You all have enriched my life. For those, I hardly know, I have loved watching from afar as you continue your entrepreneurial journeys with ATI.

Finally, I can’t thank my leadership team enough for their passion and relentless pursuit of our mission. Especially, Ron, “the Karens” and of course, Amy. Every other member of the management team including CJ Frederick, Erin Adero, Chris Barrett, Garry Masters, Keith Manich, Bryan Stasch, Kim Hickey, Mike Haley, Steve Privette, and George Zeeks have all taught me so much. As I type their names, I am confident that this team along with our 80+ associates are ready to continue to support our growing membership. As a side note, I would encourage all our members to build your teams with people that are better than you. It is what I strived to do and accomplished in spades. It will take your businesses to amazing places. Just look what it has done for ATI.

I look so forward to continuing to work with this exceptional team along side our members as the next chapter of my work at ATI plays out.

It has been my honor.

Richard C Menneg