ATI Hits Milestone: $2 Billion Dollar in Gross Profit Lift for Members

Automotive Training Institute (ATI), a leading coaching and training company for auto repair and collision shop owners, announced that they reached a new milestone — a combined total of $2 billion gross profit improvement “lift” for members since its inception.

This achievement comes just 30 months after the company announced their $1 billion dollar milestone at ATI’s 2018 SuperConference.

Gross profit lift is the amount of money that members have generated in their business by participating in ATI’s coaching program. “Our current average gross profit dollar lift on the repair and maintenance side of the business is $3,349 a week, and on the collision side, $5,500 a week. Lift is measured every week as each member enters data in the portal. At the current rate of growth, we’re going to be here again in another 30 months talking about a $3 billion dollar milestone,” said Richard Menneg, ATI President.

Founder Chris “Chubby” Frederick added, “When I started ATI, I wanted to see how far it could grow, not realizing back then how far you as shop owners could grow. As time went on, and we began to track member ROI through the portal, I could see that we were growing together.  Anytime a company can grow, and their members that participate can grow with them, that’s truly a win-win”.

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About Automotive Training Institute

The Automotive Training Institute (ATI) leading coaching and consulting company for auto repair and collision shop owners in the United States and Canada. Established in 1980, we’ve helped thousands of shop owners improve their businesses and their lives with proven, measurable, and field-tested strategies and practices.

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