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The Leadership Triad

Spring 2022 is filled with excitement for everyone. COVID advancements are being made, restrictions are lowering, social interactions are returning, and taxes are done! Whew! Aren’t you ready for warmer weather and the bustling of people shopping and venturing out onto the roads again?

Spring is also a great time to maintain the personal responsibility of being a great leader with positive behaviors at home, work, and in the community. A system called the leadership triad makes this possible. It’s the perfect way to ensure we own all our behaviors and how they impact others we interact with.

The objective is to ensure we have a positive influence on others and that they depart from any interaction we have with them better than they came. A great mantra to keep in mind when you engage with others is: It is not about me, it’s about them. Influence positively and be of service to others. Be and make a difference whenever you can in the lives of your associates, customers, and family.

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The Leadership Triad

  1. Focus on Yourself — Prioritize safety and security for yourself or you may not be able to impact others or the wider world.
  2. Focus on Others — Ensure safety and security for family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Think about how you will have a positive impact on others every day.
  3. Focus on the Wider World — How will you make a positive impact on communities, businesses, charities, and governments? Your brilliance in practicing personal leadership and accountability will influence others to do the same. Be the beacon, the light, and show the way.

What Happens Without It

When we fail to focus on the leadership triad, we can become:

  1. Rudderless — Unsure of how to positively impact anything and growth or learning progress.
  2. Clueless — Unsure of what is right, wrong, truth, or fiction. Aimless movement going nowhere.
  3. Blindsided — Left behind, backsliding instead of moving forward.

Let’s keep our wits about us and remember the leadership triad means to be responsible for your actions and your behaviors. When you engage with others, attempt to ensure they leave “better for it” after interacting with you. Work, home, or play — you can be the difference in making a positive impact on someone’s day by simply choosing to do so! Let’s make a difference.

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