Kelli Weatherby Testimonial Video Transcript

Script Visual
  • Kelli Weatherby appears on-screen.
  • The background is an exterior  picture of the service bays at Accurate Automotive.
  • The ATI logo is in the upper right corner of the screen.
Kelli Weatherby

“I’m Kelli Weatherby with Accurate Automotive. And I just wanted to take a little moment today and share a bit of a story of how we came to know about ATI.

“We, my husband and I, Lee, we’re, we work the business together at Accurate Automotive. And our CarQuest salesman, Stan, had come into the office and he said, ‘You know, you guys have been talking about wanting to hire some outside help to get you and Lee to the next level.’ And he says, ‘I have the perfect vehicle.’ And he gave us a card with the dog on the front hanging out the window, which I think they still send those out. It had ATI bootcamp and the day and time. And the day and time was Friday, which any of you shop owners know that Friday is the worst day to try and take
off because of the weekend and customers wanting their car back.

“And I said, ‘What in the world? We’re never going to take a Friday off.’ But we… talked, you know, we came to the conclusion that we needed help. We definitely needed help in getting ourselves to the next level. And we attended our first ATI bootcamp and shortly after signed up. Shortly after, I mean, within a week we were signed up. And, you know, it was winter time. It wasn’t the most ideal time to sign up, but we signed and off and away.

“And here we are, 12 plus… 12 plus years later. Very happy we made that move.”

  • Text appears on-screen:
    “Kelli Weatherby – Accurate Automotive”
  • Kelli Weatherby talks to the camera.
The screen fades to black.