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How to Get the Results You Planned For

Are you getting the results you planned for? I thought about this last week as I embarked on my morning run. One of the specific running results that I planned for was to run two miles

How to Keep Your Shop From Stressing You Out

“Nobody can do it like Eric!” This was my motto during much of my career as a district manager. My ideal picture of an effective leader was someone with an authoritative approach who had all the

Winning the Game of Inches at Your Shop

The story is told of a man who walked across the entire US continent from coast to coast. Afterwards, he was swamped by news reporters. One of them asked him to recap what the most

How to Make Next Year Your Best Year Ever

The following statement will get me in trouble with ATI Instructor Randy Somers, but here it is: I have a problem with the goal poster.  As I share my black Friday experience, you’ll understand why.