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How to Become a Fearless Shop Owner

“What did you fail at this week?” This question was posed to young “Sarah” by her father each night at the dinner table. So much so, that it became part of their dinnertime routine. If

Does Your Goal Have the Gulp Factor?

If ATI were to give out an award at SuperConference for the Lowest Labor Rate in the Country, “Patrick” would have been the winner! Patrick was a member who I coached several years ago, who

Who’s Holding Your Ladder?

My wife is the ultimate accountability coach. During the holidays, she was holding me accountable for the completion of several household projects. My first assignment was to change the light-bulb in the basement bathroom. Based

The Biggest Gamble You Can Take

What’s the biggest gamble you can take as a shop owner? Since Las Vegas is the mecca of gambling, I decided to study two famous Vegas acts, to get the answer. First, there’s Siegfried and