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The Top 5 Reasons Why Shops Lose Good Techs

Any auto repair shop owner who’s been in business more than 5 minutes knows – finding great automotive technicians is getting harder each year. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 76,000 mechanics

How to Hire the Right Technician for Your Shop

When it comes to automotive education, “Bill” has more degrees than a thermometer! He’s a master certified ASE technician. He also has certifications from Ford and Subaru. If you were to survey the tool truck drivers and ask them

Getting The Best Performance From Your People

A shop owner named “George” was meeting with his General Manager, “Ed.” Normally, they would have their Monday one on one meetings at George’s office, but this particular day was different. George decided that a

My Biggest Regret as an ATI Coach

Imagine me pulling up to your shop in a shiny, black, 2018 Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Coupe. It’s fully equipped to include the 8-cylinder engine, 18-inch aluminum wheels, leather bucket seats, a sunroof, and the

How to Keep a Bad Attitude From Impacting Your Shop

After several months of searching for a service manager, “John,” a local shop owner had finally found “Mr. Right.”  “Steve,” had over 15 years of experience writing service and was most recently working for another

The Four-Minute Rule

Are you a victim of the four-minute rule? I now realize this is what happened to my former client “Randy” back in 2010.  He had just completed an in-person interview with a service manager candidate