Top Shop Quest for Excellence 2018

The 25 fourth round picks for Top Shop 2018 are here! The fourth round focus was on combination of criteria relating to Owners Role Redefined and Working on the Business. Visit the Top Shop page in the Resource Center of CPTS for details.

Upcoming Webinar Wednesday, January 30, 2019

ATI's George Zeeks Staffing for your front desk? What are best practices? In this webinar we will look at the different skills sets and abilities of the people we have working as our sales staff. The different skill sets lead to different models for each shop. The staffing model changes for each shop based on the staff they have. Register Now

Latest Webinar Available for Replay

ATI's Bryan Stasch December: Multiple Locations: Your Dream or Your Nightmare! Ever thought about opening a 2nd shop? Do you already have a 2nd shop? Ever wish someone would have told you some things before you got started? In this Webinar Bryan Stasch will reveal the secrets behind multiple locations; the blessing and the curse that a 2nd or 3rd shop can be. Learn the things you need to have in place while you are still just thinking of that additional Shop. He will discuss the challenges and rewards that an additional shop can bring. This webinar replay is now available in the Member Resource Center. Login to CPTS to access.

Latest Webinar Available for Replay

ATI's Kim Hickey November: ATI's Portal Tools Looking for your Shop to GROW? Are you looking to have the best year ever? Then tune in to this month's Webinar to learn about some great tools that you may not be using. If you want to set a Goal for this year or next, then the Forecasting Tool is what you need. Learn how to set achievable goals that make you real money. Do you need to know what it's gonna take to hit that Goal? How many Cars, Labor Hours & Techs? Then the Win Number Tool will give you the info you need to reach that next level. This webinar replay is now available in the Member Resource Center. Login to CPTS to access.

Latest Collision Webinars Available for Replay

Keith Manich with ATIRepair Planning/Estimating Accuracy and Documentation This webinar uses several case studies to show how identifying and documenting repair procedures will help to provide the information necessary to validate the need for repair processes based on OEM information. This will help significantly in the effort to obtain proper compensation from insurers for work necessary to bring the vehicle back to pre-loss condition and performance.

The Role of the Repair Planner This webinar looks at the role of the repair planner and the impact that the role has on the production and profitability of a collision repair store. It provides insight into the many tasks and responsibilities that repair planner has in not only creating the repair plan but 'walking' it through the repair process, ordering of parts, selling the store, and making sure that all aspects of the process are profitable.

Lean Management Training Part 1: Improving Workplace Efficiency This Webinar introduces managers to the Lean thinking that will develop into lean processing of the repair shop. It provides a set up for the processes and procedures that are required for creating a Lean facility by initially setting up the production roadmap and working with the employees to introduce the process and develop good work habits by introducing them to standard operating processes and setting performance expectations.

These webinar replays are now available in the Member Resource Center. Login to CPTS to access.

SuperConference 2019

ATI's SuperConference 2019, March 20-23, 2019, JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort
ATI's SuperConference 2019, March 20-23, 2019, JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort Discover how top-performing shop owners run more successful, profitable shops and are actually able to thrive in today's economy. Share experiences and develop life-long relationships with other like-minded shop owners. Learn about industry trends from the smartest minds in the business - all in an atmosphere of pure luxury.

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