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The Leadership Triad

Spring 2022 is filled with excitement for everyone. COVID advancements are being made, restrictions are lowering, social interactions are returning, and taxes are done! Whew! Aren’t you ready for warmer weather and the bustling of people …
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Leaders Invent Themselves!

It is hard work to find your authentic self, see what you are best at, and discover what brings you great joy in life and business. However, those that can find their authentic self, find …
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Righter & Tighter for 2022

Everyone looks for a magic solution to take their business to the heights they desire. A magic pill that will make everything run smoothly, providing the results with high profits that you, the owner, have …
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We Must Treat Others Better

‘Isms come in many forms: racism, ageism, sexism — all communicating bias or discrimination to the group of people each ‘ism targets. I am sharing an example of racism and discrimination I witnessed. Situation Observed …
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