Make the Most of a Precious Gift — The Ability To Choose!

We all can choose our path in life and at work. We first must know how we want to represent ourselves in this world and at our workplace. Knowing who you are, what your values are, and how you are seen as a person through your own eyes and others’ eyes becomes your compass — the north star by which you make your choices. Every choice made will have an impact on someone, including yourself.

Your Personal Mantra

With this precious gift we all have, what can you do to ensure that your choices keep you on the path you have selected for yourself? Great question! Having a personal mantra, like “the more I assist others in getting what they want, only then will I receive what I want” (the “giver’s gain”), is a great start.  Knowing your talent and your purpose is part of selecting your personal mantra.

You are the conductor of your life by making choices that can empower yourself and others. Leading others by selecting positive vs. negative, kindness vs. hate, optimism vs. pessimism will inevitably impact your life and work for the better. The rewards and benefits will always make their way through when you make positive, impactful choices every opportunity you can.

Ideas to grow your businessNon-ATI members: Do you have a purpose and vision? Having them will help you make choices that support your goals and positively influence others! Start with ATI’s Purpose and Vision Worksheet.

Mantra-Based Choices

How can you make sure you are making my choices based on your personal mantra? Another great question!

Those who have selected a personal mantra of “making a positive and enriching impact on the world and those I engage with” try leading the way with choices you can make every day. For example:

  1. Choose to commit to a positive journey for good that is reoccurring for self and others around you.
  2. Choose to engage others. Reach out and get to know them, their needs, and wants and help them get what they want.
  3. Choose to be energized daily; a positive smile for each person you engage throughout the day.
  4. Choose to be kind and have resilience. Bounce back from negative situations, see the sunshine through the clouds.
  5. Choose to be empowered to take responsibility and be accountable for the choices you make.

Resulting Empowerment

The journey you make on the path you choose will be riddled with curves, potholes, hills and valleys, and obstructions that will attempt to derail you off your path. Believe in yourself and your ability to recover when you swerve off the path, and you will confidently continue your journey on the path you selected.

What is really cool about the behavior you will exhibit when you make choices based on your personal mantra is that you will most assuredly model for others who you are, what your values are, and what you believe in. That, in turn, will empower others to do the same.

What a way to lead and influence others’ behaviors — by making your personal “right choices!”

Take time to review and work through your purpose and vision, and spend some time with yourself developing a personal mantra. Then pass it on; share with your family, friends, and coworkers and have them do the same. Choose to make a positive impact on someone else. Enjoy!

Non-ATI Members: Make positive, impactful choices every opportunity you can and empower yourself and others. Check out our Purpose and Vision Worksheet to get started.