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We will enable commenting through the chat system 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes following each broadcast. All times are Pacific Daylight Savings / Mountain Standard Time (Arizona does not switch to Daylight Savings).

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Thursday March 23
8:00 - 8:20 a.m. PDT/MST (11:00 - 11:20 a.m. Eastern)

Welcome to SuperConference 2017

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Thursday March 23
8:20 - 9:00 a.m. PDT/MST (11:20 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Eastern)

Chris 'Chubby' FrederickRichard Menneg

Chris "Chubby" Frederick, CEO
and Richard Menneg, President

Automotive Training Institute

Innovation – The Key to Continuous Growth

As a SuperConference tradition, Chubby and Richard's opening session will help you discover how building a culture of innovation will be the key to long term success. We all know how hard it can be to continuously grow sales year after year while holding gross profit. As your business gets bigger with closer to perfect production percentages, growing at least 10% every year takes innovation to challenge all the possible opportunities and obstacles. In addition, absolutely everything around us is changing at a pace never seen in modern history. Being better than your competition and giving exceptional customer service TODAY may not make the grade tomorrow. Innovation must be a key business priority. We will show you how.

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Friday March 24
12:45 - 1:35 p.m. PDT/MST (3:45 - 4:35 p.m. Eastern)

Devin Henderson

Devin Henderson

CEO, Magic Entertainment, LLC

Laughing in the Face of Change

By definition, "innovation" is a new idea, method or device. Simply put, innovation means staying relevant in an ever-changing world. Devin shares how his career as an entertainer has required continual self-reinvention. Devin shares with us why innovation is important and how we can take steps to make sure we stay relevant with the changing times. Learn how to use your creativity along with your sense of humor to embrace change, take risks when necessary, and bounce back from failures that ultimately lead to breakthroughs.

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Saturday March 25
10:10 - 11:40 a.m. PDT/MST  (1:10 - 2:40 p.m. Eastern)

Steve Gilliland

Steve Gilliland

CEO, Steve Gilliland, Inc

Making a Difference

Focusing on the conscious choices we make every day that impact the lives of others, Making a Difference™ is an eye-opening and heartfelt keynote detailing how to positively influence people in every imaginable way, regardless of position or status. Each of us has the potential to transform the culture of our organizations through our actions and attitude.

Steve's presentation centers on three empowering dynamics:

Purpose: It drives you!
Passion: It fuels you!
Pride: It defines you!

While we don't always know what challenges face the people we meet every day, we do have the power to bring them hope. That hope can multiply a thousand times over and spread throughout the world exponentially. This is the essential, motivating truth behind Making a Difference™!

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Saturday March 25
Approximately 7:30 - 9:00+ p.m. PDT/MST (10:30 p.m. - 12:00+ a.m. Eastern)

LIVE SuperConference 2017 Awards Banquet

LIVE! The Superconference 2017 Awards Banquet!

ATI is proud to present awards which acknowledge the efforts and courage clients have demonstrated in making the necessary changes to their businesses, maintaining what has been built and ensuring continued growth.

ATI's 1350+ Re-Engineering clients are competing for Best Service Sales, Most Improved Service Sales, Best Tire Sales, Most Improved Tire Sales, Best Gross Profit Margin and Most Improved Gross Profit Margin.

In the Alumni category, we'll tip our hats to two groups of high-achievers - above and below 750K/yr - with awards for Best Service Sales, Best Tire Sales and Best Gross Profit Margin.

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